My name is Karo and I´m from Germany. I ´m a masterglassblower of art. I started working with this extraordinary material in 1998 and I´m still learning.

Glass is emotional, sensitive and wild. It has own rules. You break them, you break the glass. You follow them, the glass will follow you, your thoughts, your feelings, virtually effortlessly. Or so it would seem. But you will know better. I love to share my knowledge and get involved with others. You dont have to be a glass artist. There is more art in every creating process than can be written down. Be open, be friendly, be yourself.

Born as an happy and loved child in 1978 in GDR, I experienced radical changes in my everyday life and in the society I lived in for my whole childhood. So I became an observer and stayed a searcher in my heart forever. Allways looking for a place that isn´t just home but feels like the one I had before I experienced the loss of all stability within a few months. But now I knew, its all just imaginary and I cannot forget.
Maybe my art is the same.


So glass is my favourite material to work with. Allways fragile, sometimes clear, sometimes inscrutable, distorting the perception and only shapeable under the right combination of circumstances.

Glassfigures and Glassart by Karolin Wagner

Glasmagie is german for Glass Magic. I choose this name because of the unique abilities and excentricities glass, especially softglasss has - and sometimes the artist too ;-)

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